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Set Crib
What is the crib plug board?
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Dragon working notes

DE-CHI <-- relay store, input from tape
CRIB   <-- set on plug board
PSI'   <-- De-Chi + Crib = PSI'
PSI    <-- PSI' contracted ~= PSI

De-chi result from Dragon - FAO: The Testery .. URGENT

No result found yet
Counter display (built by the British as an addition to the American Dragon) showing the current position of the de-chi tape being read in. The Dragon has stopped here as it has found a possible match on the PSI wheels at the 202nd character.
The current 10 characters currently under examination shown in ITA2 code. This is currently showing that the stopped position was reading the de-chi characters AZMZAFIMIV
The strip of lights on each rack shows the matching PSI wheel positions which have matched the crib being tested. There is one set for each of the 5 PSI wheels. This one is showing that the contracted crib + de-chi being tested (TGE4UM8) has matched PSI wheel 5 between position 54 - 59